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Another Day, Another Continent! On to Japan! - Sasha DiGiulian

Another Day, Another Continent! On to Japan! - Sasha DiGiulian
Another Day, Another Continent! On to Japan! - Sasha DiGiulian
May 09, 2012 - 

After a few more relaxing days of climbing in Spain, I flew to Milan to attend the Melloblocco Event in Val Masino, Italy! Melloblocco is Europe’s largest outdoor climbing festival and the event is situated in a gorgeous mountain-town that is encompassed by enormous granite rock faces and lush green valley. Smaller granite boulders litter the landscape as well and these boulders were the focus of the event. The organizers of the event arranged select boulder problems for men and women from around the world to climb on in a relaxed “competition” set-up. Unfortunately, 30 minutes after I arrived the rain came and it didn’t leave until… well.., the evening before I left! Needless to say, the relentless rain wet the valley and the granite boulders were soaked. Besides flashing the two boulder problems that I got to try before the rain, climbing was more or less totally rained out. FORTUNATELY, though, this did not dampen the mood at all. Everyone was still psyched to hang out, party, and celebrate everyone being together in a beautiful location. I had a wonderful time seeing my awesome European friends that I rarely have the opportunity to see – generally just during international events – and meeting new splendid people! Every time I have been to Italy I have been astounded by how friendly and welcoming the folks there are, and therefore it is so easy to have a great time!



Now I am going to Japan for an invitational Lead Master. I am really excited about the competition, but maybe more so to just get to GO to Japan for my first time! Japan is a country that I’ve always wanted to visit… partially influenced by my love for sushi perhaps! This week I have not really gotten to climb, and before that I was just climbing on rock in Spain… so I hope that the competition goes well, too.. J  Regardless – it’s Japan with my friends, so a good experience is destined!

More to come from Japan, ciao for now!!!



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