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Spring Season at the Red! - Michaela Kiersch

Spring Season at the Red! - Michaela Kiersch
Spring Season at the Red! - Michaela Kiersch
Spring Season at the Red! - Michaela Kiersch
Spring Season at the Red! - Michaela Kiersch
May 03, 2012 -  Michaela Kiersch    

Throughout the months of March and April I have been making regular weekend trips down to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. While the drive is about 7 hours, the climbing is definitely worth every minute!


I think that going outside has improved my climbing tremendously.  I feel more confident in not only my endurance, but my ability to recover and rest.  The climbing at the RRG is very fitness based, so both of these things are really important down there.  Climbing outside and just being away from the busy Chicago atmosphere has also helped me to relax and let go of some of the stress we all have in life.  The Red has a way of helping you realize what is important (pizza, Ale8, and climbing-duh!)

These past few months have been really motivating for me.  I’ve seen myself progress through the weeks and meet goals that a few years ago seemed impossible.  When I come back to reality during the week, it’s nice to have projects and routes that I want to send because it gives me something to look forward to as I train on plastic.

My sends so far this spring include onsights of Jesus Wept (5.12d), Peace Frog (5.12d), Taste the Rainbow (5.13a), and Forty Ounces of Justice (5.13a).  I also got Triple Sec (5.12d), Prometheus Unbound (5.13a), Paradise Lost (5.13a), and Golden Boy (5.13b) second GO.  Other climbs that took me a little bit longer include The Castle Has Fallen (5.13b), Kaleidoscope (5.13c), and Ultra Perm (5.13d).

So far it has been a really good season! I’m psyched to get down again, my next trip is this weekend.  I would like to send The Madness, and who knows what else is in store!  However, I can’t make it down next weekend because I will be competing at the Youth Regional Championship for USA Climbing.

More busy times ahead! Can’t wait. 

Photo credit: Andy Wickstrom, John Fields

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