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JoMoPro Results - Brian "Yellow" Gavagan

JoMoPro Results - Brian "Yellow" Gavagan
May 02, 2012 - 

Brian "Yellow" Gavagan travels with some of the Yellow Designs crew to Joplin, Missouri for the 2012 JoMoPro Flatland competition.

We arrived in Joplin and saw damage that is still there from last summer's crazy tornado season. Some parts of town were flattened and looked like they decided not to rebuild. Some areas were being rebuilt and some were left in a shambles/abandoned by the owners...


We were ready to get our bikes out of the car, stretch our legs and get our flow going on the BMX dancefloor! Practice was all day Friday and a good chance to catch up and talk with friends from France, Japan, Canada and Spain. I have some good homies from those countries and we competitions are one of the few times we see each other yearly.

Friday night stayed pretty mellow as the contest happened the next day and everyone wanted to be fresh and riding well.

I entered Veteran Flatland and felt very relaxed and stress-free during warm-ups. I did my best to keep that same attitude and mindset going into the contest and I feel like I did! The competition was tough and there are so many different styles of riding nowadays. I knew what I'd been practicing, so I focused on that. I rode excellent in both of my 90 second runs and ended up 2nd out of 15 riders!

I was super stoked to podium at JoMo and I am now setting my sights on the Voodoo Jam in New Orleans at the beginning of June!

Photo credit: Fat Tony

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