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Summer Less Then Two Weeks Away! - Sierra Carroll

Summer Less Then Two Weeks Away! - Sierra Carroll
Summer Less Then Two Weeks Away! - Sierra Carroll
Summer Less Then Two Weeks Away! - Sierra Carroll
May 01, 2012 - 

It been a very short month of April and I am very excited for May. With school ending in a little over a week and my strength coming back after being forced to take so much time off. I have been feeling strong and very excited to climb over the past few weeks. With the first couple weeks of April not being able to do more then walk around campus after having surgery to re-break my nose it was a huge relief to be allowed to climb again.


My first day back I had the pleasure of meeting a climber who had just moved into town the week before and needed someone to do routes with. Since that day I have slowly been training more and re-gaining my strength to hopefully be able to climb strong this summer. It has been hard to not go crazy and begin training hard right off the bat and risk injury or headaches though it has been great to be able to climb and hike again.

Last weekend I was able to take a nice hike right outside of Boulder. The weather here has been beautiful and I can't wait to truly get to enjoy it once I am finished with my finals. I am in the process of planning trips to Shelf, Rifle and hopefully a few other awesome locations at the very least I will be hiking around Colorado springs throughout the next month as well as hopefully completing a few more of Colorado's beautiful fourteneers. I had been locking forward to going for a nice hike this past weekend and begin able to get outside in Boulder Canyon and try a few hard routes.

Friday I discovered I had a staph infection and spent the entire weekend feeling sick instead. Though I wasn't going to let that ruin all my plans so I ended up spending some time looking through the guide book and keeping up on the results of the World Cup in Vienna that happened this past weekend. Overall, I have had a pretty rough semester with injuries, sickness, and a pretty bad bike accident. Though I am looking forward to having a great summer of training and climbing and a weekend of helping with Youth Regionals in Colorado Springs on the 12th. Summer is about to begin! 


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