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2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell

2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
2012 Northwest Creeking Competition - Kim Russell
April 29, 2012 - 

The Northwest Creeking Competition is to paddlers what Sea Otter is to mountain bikers. A much smaller event, the creeking comp. is in it's 7th year, and as organizer Luke Spencer, puts it,

"...the NWCC is a thriving 2 day event and one of the biggest races in the country! The event boasts 2 amazing race courses on both the East Fork of the Lewis River and Canyon Creek. The event headquarters is set at scenic Sunset Falls Campground where participants can enjoy a great view of racers negotiating beautiful Sunset Falls, enjoy a great BBQ, music, and share stories of the river. Day two competitors head over to Canyon Creek to challenge themselves on one of the best creek courses in the nation!" 


The two-day event features downriver races for both rafters and kayakers, and is a great opportunity to meet other paddlers. This year, mother nature cooperated, giving us warm weather (80 degrees!), and good water levels. 

Saturday's races featured a mass start kayak race, as well as individual downriver races on the East Fork of the Lewis River, WA. Rafters, kayakers, and even some inflatable kayaks charged down the course, paddling as hard as they could over rapids such as Sunset Falls, Screaming Left, Dragon's Back, and John's Swimming Hole (there were lots of swimmers!). Darren Albright was the men's big winner, sweeping the event on Saturday, winning Long Boat, Short Boat, and the Mass Start. I was pretty excited with my race lines, winning the Women's Pro downriver sprint, and came in Fourth overall at the mass start (first women across the line). The events were immediately followed by awards, a raffle and a BBQ provided by Next Adventure of Portland, OR. Thanks guys!

EFL Downriver Sprint Results:

K-1 Men Pro:

1 Darren Albright 8:07
2 Louis Geltman 8:09
3 Tao Berman 8:16

K-1 Men Long:

1 Darren Albright 7:46
2 Louis Geltman 7:48
3 Michael Gottlieb 8:16

K-1 Men Expert:

1 Scott Waidelich 8:33
2 Alex Podolak 8:37
3 Matt King 8:37

K-1 Women Pro:

1 Kim Russell 8:44
2 Christie Glissmeyer 9:20
3 Heather Herbeck 9:26

K-1 Women Expert:

1 Anna Herring 9:50
2 Helen Wheat 9:56
3 Roberta Grant 10:01

K-1 Fun:

1 Michael Freeman 9:25
2 Jack Cressuell 9:27
3 Brandon James 9:30


1 Riley Baxter 10:27
2 Scott Michael 11:09
3 Greg Babikoff 14:51


1 Dan 10:34
2 Karl 11:11
3 Tim 11:16

Sunday, paddlers made the great migration to nearby Canyon Creek, WA. Levels were on the higher side of good at 1050 cfs, making racers a little jittery at the put-in. However, the sun shining brightly in the crystal clear blue sky let everyone know it was going to be another great day. The course itself started at "Thrasher" and finished below two waterfalls "Champagne" and "Hammering Spot". In between, the race course took paddlers through boulder gardens, various wave trains, and over 20 ft. Kahuna Falls. It was exciting to say the least, and I am happy to have had my cleanest line EVER through the boulder garden, and over Kahuna Falls during my race run- another solid win under the belt! In the men's division, Tao Berman was able to beat out Darren Albright by one second for the win. All in all, there was surprisingly little carnage on day 2, and racer's were stoked on a great weekend at the Northwest Creeking Competition.

Thanks again Luke Spencer for organizing yet another awesome event, and Next Adventure, and fellow sponsors for making it happen!

Canyon Creek Extreme Downriver Race Results:

K-1 Men Pro:

1 Tao Berman 4:55
2 Darren Albright 4:56
3 Louis Geltman 5:00

K-1 Women Pro:

1 Kim Russell 5:26
2 Christie Glissmeyer 5:53


1 Dan 6:36
2 Sutherland 7:29
3 Karl 7:43

Thanks to Logan Farrell, Bryon Dorr, Tim Brink and Paul Kuthe for photos!

See you on the river,

Kim Russell


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