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New Caves - Brian Dunnohew

New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
New Caves - Brian Dunnohew
April 26, 2012 -  Brian Dunnohew    

A few weeks back I got invited to check out some new caves near the small town of Ten Sleep Wyoming. Dave Snyder and Marc meet Vance and I in town and took us down some highway with a bunch of sandstone. We pulled off and hiked this nice trail that followed a stream in a somewhat narrow canyon, surrounded by mouth-dropping dolomite/limestone caves. Vance and I were freaking out and Dave just laughs and told us to wait and see. We eventually cross the stream on some sketchy logs, climb a steep hill, up a 20 foot rope ladder that would be fun if there wasn't snow all over the rocks. We turn around and get the first glance of the cave that they call the Octagon. 

The cave is unreal! It has maybe 9 straight up lines, but it is hard to say how many routes for sure because of all the linkups and extensions. Its crazy, you will start up a 12b, then go into 13c, then maybe 14c to the top of the cave. Grades probably range from 12a-14+. So steep and the biggest holds that you will ever fall off of. I was told that the developer Kevin Wilkinson spent close to 40 hours per route, because of how steep, long, and dirty some of the routes were.

We had a great two days there and can't wait to get back up there. Got so worked climbing on routes that steep. Definitely need more power endurance before I go back again. Thanks to Dave and Marc for the tour and Vance for the invite. Props to Kevin Wilkinson for the work he put it to the cave and the approach. 


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