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Red Rock and Shennanigans - Benjamin Rueck

Red Rock and Shennanigans - Benjamin Rueck
Red Rock and Shennanigans - Benjamin Rueck
April 25, 2012 -  Benjamin Rueck     

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to hitch a ride down to the Red Rock Rendezvous and meet some of the five.ten crew.  Other than being an incredibly awesome experience and meeting with old friends; I managed to be able to get a little rock climbing in as well. 

My experience with Vegas has always been the standard Red Rocks arrival; however this time around I was able to meet up with my old friend Andy and he decided to take me up to Mt. Potosi.  If there is a heaven... it was this place.  I had never experienced such a fun area to climb... I understand that many people get a little cranky about manufactured routes and drilled pockets... but goodness me... it was just fun! That and the shenanigans that Andy I pulled off were just hilarious... at least to us. 

After Potosi we headed down to the Rendezvous to watch our friend Rob get auctioned off for the Alpine Club charity.  He managed to pull in $700.00 for his services as a climbing partner/guide to a very nice couple based out of Boulder, CO.  We decided to call it a night after kicking it a bit at the Rock Ranch. 

The next day Andy and I headed to Willow Springs; he had some boulders for me to check out and play around on... and I figured since it was going to be my last day around Vegas I might as get as much experience in new areas as possible; however I was still blasted from climbing the previous day so my hopes for actually climbing well were very low.  I was not entirely inaccurate in this assessment... but I managed to onsight/warmup on one of the coolest V6 problems I have encountered.  Afterwards I backed down and just had fun on as many routes as I could. 

We finished up bouldering and it was time for me to hitch my ride back to the ol' homestead in Colorado... but the psyche for Vegas is high... and the potential for fun-hard climbing in Vegas is beyond comprehendable... so much stone... so little time...


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