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Busy as Always. School, Climbing, and Life - Isabelle Faus

Busy as Always. School, Climbing, and Life - Isabelle Faus
April 24, 2012 - 

Its been very spazzy weather out here, 90 degree weather last week, raining and cold this week. Not the greatest for climbing, but I have been keeping my self busy with gym sessions and doing school work (or trying to). I have been to a few places out here, the hide away, happy valley, and farley are all super cool spots. Im real excited to do Y2K9, speed of life, and Im really psyched to check out Great Barrington. Anyone know anything about the fire at farley???

This past weekend was Central Rock Gyms pro comp. They did a great job, the comp was super fun, and went really smoothly logistically, at least from a competitors point of view. I ended up 3rd taking $400 dollars home! I had a great time and cant wait for the next comps!


Its finals month at Hampshire... we don't have actual tests just big projects and papers so smart kids get started about a month ahead of time, but I am to busy climbing! I get out of school on the 6th of May, so i have about 2 weeks to get all my work done! wish me luck!

I bigger and way cooler news... I am going to europe this summer! Sport climbing trip! Its my first climbing trip to europe and my first sport climbing trip in a long time. Needless to say I am super stoked! I leave the 4th of june and get back the 31st of july and will be spending most of my time in spain and france. Cant wait! look for photos and updates!

Check out my amazing sponsors that I love! seriously they are best!

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