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National Cup in Zlin (CZE) - Tomáš Binter

National Cup in Zlin (CZE) - Tomáš Binter
National Cup in Zlin (CZE) - Tomáš Binter
April 20, 2012 - 

 I’m quite pleased with the performance I did last weekend. 2nd round of the Czech national cup took place in Zlin. It’s been one of the best comps I’ve ever been to, thanks to the atmosphere of the crowded auditorium and what’s more, I won and got myself to the leading of the Cup.


A beautiful, brand new climbing hall, so called Vertikon, was opened last year in the city of Zlin.  Routes are long up to 22meters, mainly in slightly overhanging wall.  Otherwise, it’s also the only place,where I’ve met Five Ten products (including my favourite shoes) in shop in our country. What a nice surprise. One could see what a hard work is behind the existence of this amazing venue. Therefore i looked forward very much to the competition.

As a simultanous competition to the Czech cup there was the Slowakia Cup. It’s our neighbour country, and the venue is very close to the borders. Unfortunately, only about 5 climbers from Slowakia came.  The competition day was long, as always. Two quali routes weren’t too hard, there were about five or six climbers including me, who reached both tops.

The final round was much more exiting. The isolation zone was just behind the main wall, so even though I couldn’t see anything of what was happening on the wall, I heard all the noise and supporting from the audience. I don’t like this, I always feel like all the competitors before me topped outJ

In the isolation, twere just one guy left after me, so we were the golden end of the finals. The route had a few difficult moves at the beginning and then long, easy run under a roof. There it started. I am not a big fan of roofs, so I didn’t wait there much. In the middle I found a poor rest, which may have decided about the winner. Then just powerful moves, and once I fell in the last move under the Top, I knew that wouldn’t be a bad result. And It wasn’t, I won, the second and the third guy ended about five, six moves lower.

When the finals was over, immediately came a girl with a head-mounted camera, whether am I able to repeat it with the camera. Well, why not, but about 10min rest wasn’t enough, so I ended in the middle of the roof. But even though, if I get that video, I’ll post it, it might be fun:)


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