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Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell

Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
Argentina Part One - Jon Cardwell
April 11, 2012 - 

I first got word from some climbers about Argentina a few years ago.  One of them is my friend Cameron Maier from Colorado.  He traveled there a couple years ago mostly to explore the beautiful country and experience the culture.  He said the mix of big mountains, small vintage villages, and daily asados (BBQ's) was more than worth the visit.  It wasn't until this January, aside from seeing news about Cerro Torre, that I heard about Argentina and its mass potential for climbing.


I was in SLC for the OR Show doing the usual catch up routine with my sponsors and friends.  Chuck Odette at Petzl filled me in on a basically unknown, undeveloped canyon in Argentina close to Patagonia.  He told me that locals have been climbing there for years and that it's been difficult for them to gain access to the necessary equipment to establish the climbing they envisioned.  I knew almost immediately where this was going - he continued by informing me that Petzl was planning a bolting trip; an exploration of the region to help the locals prepare the area for a RocTrip.  Before he could finish, I asked to be involved.  I knew this would be a completely new and unique experience and without even knowing the details I knew that this is what I've been waiting for in the last year.  My pursuit of climbing has been somewhat slowed, mostly due to the fact that I now live in a city, I have an apartment and I even have a daily job aka responsibility.  And while I've been able to balance everything Im simply just not as focus as Ive been in the past. I've been longing for the feeling of exploration, travel, those times that I experienced in the past around Europe, even in the states.  I made it a goal for 2012 to make those experiences a reality again.  After our brief conversation, we were on the same page and he told me that everything would be organized in the next month. So passed January, February, a week of March and on the 11th, the day before my birthday I was boarding a place to Buenos Aires, next stop Piedra Parada, the 'still rock' in the middle of the desert with a crew of french and unknown amounts of locals.  I was stoked! 

I will post more regarding the trip but for now here a few photos that I shot with my new Canon.  I've been getting more and more into photography and shooting videos.  Its becoming more important as I travel to these incredible places.  I love to share my experiences through imagery, so hopefully everyone enjoys!

Huge thanks to Petzl for making this happen, and of course Five Ten for always supporting my efforts.


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