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ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford

ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford
ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford
ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford
ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford
ABS Nationals - Joseph Gifford
April 04, 2012 - 

I recently competed in ABS nationals both youth and adult. They were both super fun and I had a great time climbing the routes that were set for both competitions.

First I competed in adult ABS, The routes were difficult but really cool. I completed two out of the five routs in qualifiers, my first climb was a slabby route that wasn’t too hard and I flashed it, the second was a slopery ball hold climb. I got to the top of the climb and just popped off because I got way too exhausted, the third climb was really crimpy on a 45 degree angled wall with a vertical top and I got about half way up the climb, the fourth climb was one of the hardest climbs. I only got maybe half way up it at the most, but the last climb was a great balancing slab with a bit of a down climb jump to the finish, so I flashed the fifth route. Adult ABS was a lot of fun even though I did not make semifinals; I eventually ended up getting 28th in the competition. After the competition I flew back to Austin TX, went to school for one day and then flew back to Colorado Springs for youth nationals.


Youth nationals was even better than adult, I made it through qualifiers semifinals and finals. There were three climbs in finals, the first climb tricked me up a bit, but the start was a kick jump to the first hold. I stuck the first hold but messed up the sequence at the last hold of the climb and ended falling at the top, but the second climb went a lot better, the climb was a difficult start with a really cool thumberclean dino move at the top. I stuck the dino second attempt but got a nice wall burn on my shoulder from the side of the wall when I swung into the wall from catching the dino, my third and final climb went quite well even though I had a bit of a scratch from the second. It started off as a crimpy overhung followed by a really hard cross to a flat edge on a feature near the top of the climb, I stuck the flat edge, matched it and then blew off going to the next hold and by the end of the first go I was just too tired to try it any more. In the end I climbed well and got 3rd place in the competition, so overall I had a great trip the both adult and youth nationals and now that the bouldering season is finished its time to start doing some rope training!


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