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Finally Some Rock Climbing - Kinchen Packer

Finally Some Rock Climbing - Kinchen Packer
April 03, 2012 - 

Over the last several weeks I have been climbing outside a lot. First in early march I headed out to Hueco for the rock rodeo. It was my first rodeo and it was a great time.  A week or so latter spring break started and my friend Liam and I headed out to Gilman Tunnels for the day. After an epic getting across the river we where soaked, after much procrastinating we decided to get on a 12c called Puddy Girl. However after hanging out in the shade for so long and being wet to start with we called it a day after only a few climbs. 


The next day we decided to go to one of my favorite areas Crystal Cave. After a bad warm up on the “classic” 11c, I got on a sick link up that I don’t know the name of, graded 13c. Liam was psyched to try Dope 13b, and later on in the day I tried Soul Crusher, a 13b and in my opinion one of the best routes in the cave. The next week my other friend Richard and I went to Joes Valley, to make a long story short the trip was a lot of fun, but for some reason the climbing part just didn’t go well. We got on a lot of sick climbs and I for sure would like to go back some time. 

More recently I went back to crystal cave with Liam, and Levi, who works at the climbing gym. It was Levis first time at the cave and he was stoked. I spent the first half of the day taking photos and resting, as Liam worked out the moves on Soul Crusher, and Levi sent his first 11c outside (nice send man, it was sick). Finally I decided to rock climb, and got on a link up that adds a harder start to Soul Crusher, making it even more awesome. All in all it was a super fun day, and I hope to head out there soon as the cave is in danger of being closed, and that would be vary sad.


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