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Lifetime Ambition and Good Footwork - Steve Mcclure

Lifetime Ambition and Good Footwork - Steve Mcclure
April 02, 2012 - 

OK, so blog efforts have been poor for a while! But there are reasons for that, which I will go into later. But basically a combination of being too busy and too injured has meant that I have done nothing of interest for an eternity. But what exactly is interesting, and what is the point of writing a blog in the first place?


Anyway, faced with some time off the crimpy world a new direction was needed in order to find motivation. Maybe now was the time to crack the lifetimes ambition of the one-armer. Not that bent arm start or flicky cheat method, a proper 3 seconds hang and then gradual pull through all the way. Completely beyond me at first in January, but now steady on each arm. Next step will be two from an edge. Then I’ll be really strong, and have a new status down the wall. People will want to hang out with me, share circuits they have made up and girls will be impressed. I knew there was more to climbing than just going out on that rocky stuff. Thank God I found it before it was too late.

There has been a lot of talk recently about performance footwear, new models coming out from different brands. There are some sticky rubbers around now. However, without doubt I could not have managed this incredible benchmark without my blancos. The fine balance of support and sensitivity was essential when stepping off the floor, and then the precise fit was just enough whilst moving through the air. Undoubtedly the supper sticky Stealth helped massively creating upward lift against the air, and the secure lacing meant that at no point did I feel my feet were about to blow out. One arm pull-ups are just the same as rock climbing, its all in the feet!


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