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Fluke Bike Accident - Sierra Carroll

Fluke Bike Accident - Sierra Carroll
Fluke Bike Accident - Sierra Carroll
March 31, 2012 - 

Wow, it has been one crazy month. Starting out the month I was looking forward to a Spring Break full of climbing at Shelf Road outside canyon city and maybe a few days of skiing in the mix as well. I had spent the first weekend after the weekend of Youth Nationals climbing and hiking in Boulder, and had been able to do a great hike late one day after work near the beautiful flatirons and was very excited for the weekends to come. I had almost every weekend planned to go outside climbing in Boulder since the weather here has been so amazing and unusually consistent for Colorado in March, but I wont complain.


Regretfully none of this was able to happen though, as about 2 and a half weeks ago I was riding my bike to class after a day of training and coaching at the climbing gym when I collided with a skateboarder in a fluke accident. This accident left me with a broken nose, concussion, and some whip lash. Consequently changing almost all of my plans for the month. As a result of the accident and concussion I missed a week of college and was also informed that I was not allowed to climb or do almost any exercise for two weeks. This about made me cry, though looking at things I began to think that, ok well that still means that I can climb and ski for the second half of Spring Break. Well yet again that thought was changed since before I went back to school I was told I needed to have my nose re broken so that it could be set correctly. And that this would need to take place during spring break and would prevent me from doing any exercise for another 2 weeks minimum. So needless to say it has been one very long and disappointing month of very little climbing.

There has been one exciting discovery during the mess of the past few weeks though. In the past few weeks I was able to find a doctor who determined that part of why I had lost range of rotation in my shoulder stemmed from the fact that some of the muscles had been locked and were no longer working or getting enough blood to them. After discovering this and having it fixed, I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and arm and will potentially be able to begin to gain strength again in my shoulder once I am able to climb. Overall, since Nationals this has been a rather difficult month, though I am looking forward to being able to climb again and am excited to have full range of motion again in my shoulder. Overall, I am looking forward to next month and the days when it is safe for me to climb and hike again I can't wait for the last two weeks to be finished.


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