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Home and Back Again - Chris Schulte

Home and Back Again - Chris Schulte
Home and Back Again - Chris Schulte
March 30, 2012 - 

Back home in Boulder, but not for long: two days, and I’m off again to Las Vegas for the Red Rock Rendezvous. I spent a full day in the house, save for a trip out to the store for breakfast... Crepes and coffee (home coffee!) to see Ronnie off for the next leg of his trip. After that rest day and the first full night’s sleep in over two weeks, I got to head out to a project up Boulder Canyon a ways with my broo GP Salvo. He and his lady Vanessa Compton were in town for a few days, and I was lucky enough tp catch them on their last day in town. GP is an underground beast, and I’m always happy to get out with him, dodge the  crowds, and try and climb some slopers. We went up to a line I have been trying right up to the day that I left Boulder to meet up with Ronnie. To tell the truth, I was really reluctant to leave, since I had but a hand and a foot move left to do in order to finish this awesome compression bloc. GP fell two or three times on the LAST MOVE of the higher start, eliminating one move in the upper section, which I was happy to see. That’ll shave  some off the redpoint, for sure. It was nice to be back up there in the pines, among granite canyons, with tiny patches of snow here and there in the shade (though not the 4’ I saw when I was last there, and TICKS). Again, it felt a shame to have to leave the next day, but, not so bad though, hey?


This spring, the Ride was a really good time. It’s a good exercise to go out and ride the stream, so to speak, and head to all the spots that people love in their home areas- the spots that have the meaning to them in the same way that the mountains of Colorado have weight with me. It’s cool to see the psyche everyone has when walking us around their home areas, when talking up the projects they have found in some out of the way thicket over beers and good food in the evenings, beat and scratched up from the bushwhackin’. It reminds me of what I look for when I climb, and how many things there are to appreciate, how many facets there are to enjoy, and ultimately what I do this for. It’s a lot like looking into the “infinity mirror” setup.. There you are, and another you, and another and another and so on.. Each one perhaps seeing a slightly different view.

The next view is a sunny one, with more sandstone, more new faces, and hopefully, more perspective in the way of what all there is to enjoy in this slice of life. More to come from Sin City...


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