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To the Southwest - Chris Schulte

To the Southwest - Chris Schulte
To the Southwest - Chris Schulte
To the Southwest - Chris Schulte
March 26, 2012 - 

Noon-ish, and we’ve made it to New Mexico. After a week and a half of barbeque and mexican food, we’re switching it up to... new mexican food... for a meal anyways. Days of rich and fatty food have kinda started to wear on me a bit, and I’m looking forward to getting to Durango for a few days of clean food and bouldering in the crisp and dry. We’ve had a lot of heavy food and heavy weather, and I’m anxious to dry out a little bit, to get rid of this heavy feeling. Don’t misunderstand me, thinking I’m talking about some sort of restriction imposed on my intake of food, as I practice no such thing. However, when you eat the same stuff for days and days, namely meat and meat and fat, you will feel a little sluggish. Pair that with hot weather and rain, and I begin to feel kinda in need of filtration. At this point, I’m thinking like sushi rice and water and mangoes for a few days. I could never believe that’ll actually happen, but after the umpteenth mexican plate last night, it just feels like it’s time to clean up. I have excess stores of red meat.


Our night in Amarillo was good. The climbing community stationed at this outpost is one of the most energetic and friendly I’ve come across, both hospitable and accommodating. We spent the evening at the Amarillo Rock Climbing House, the fort being held down well outside the climbing circuit, with a great crew of staff and clients. After the demo, it was another evening of food and drink, followed by some late night slacklining back at the gym. We finally bedded down on the pads and slept hard through a stormy night, waking up at nearly 10 am. The travel and daylight savings time changes have been tough on us, and I think we’re pretty far behind on sleep. Once up and moving, we said our goodbyes and headed out, stopping for coffees at the 806, on Route 66. I love this spot- good espresso drinks, great magazines and art, and a nice balance of rough and polish.

So, nooni-ish, and en route to Albuquerque for a show demo at Stone Age, and then a run for Colorado, where days and days of sunshine and temps in the high 50s and low 60s are currently underway.


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