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Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew

Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
Warming Up - Brian Dunnohew
March 15, 2012 -  Brian Dunnohew    

Things are starting to thaw out here in Wyoming. Roads are getting better and easier to get places. I made a trip to Lander to meet up with my good friend Vance and to climb at nice crag called Fairfield. The near 2 mile hike mostly up hill almost killed me. I had the worst hangover and no sleep, thanks to the 80's night party the night before. After kinda getting warmed up (it averaged between 15 and 40 degrees throughout the day), we finished bolting a nice water streak. We both climbed it and named it Liquid Swords, 12a. I went over to my current project called Sheepeater. It's a 13a that starts under a nice bulge that Todd Skinner put up before he past away. It starts off with a move up to a bad pinch thing and your left goes into a mono undercling. You let go of the pinch and use that arm as momentum to launch up to an ok hueco. A couple powerful moves leads to a 12a slab. I warmup up by doing the upper part and lowered to the ground. I was feeling tired and my skin hurt, but I was warm, so I pulled the rope and tired the dyno. I stuck it first try and went to the top. I was happy to do it considering the conditions. Time to go project shopping.


 A week later I took a couple of people up to Sinks for a short day trip. It is so great up there, I am rarely disappointed by weather. Jason and Hailey were psyched. It was her first time leading outside, she hike everything she touched. I will have to get her on some harder things so she can have some more air time. Can't wait to get back up there.


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