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Hola de Espana! - Sasha DiGiulian

Hola de Espana! - Sasha DiGiulian
March 11, 2012 - 

Time is flying by quicker than I’d like it to be here in Spain. I am now at the mid-mark of my trip to the Cataluna region and I have not even scraped the exterior layer of the abundance of climbs to do here. There are thousands of beautiful lines to still climb and a generous handful of areas around where I am that I’ve still not been to. That said, so far this trip I have climbed a lot and I have already experienced two new areas. To start the trip I climbed in Siurana, Spain. Siurana has a lot of long, technical, generally vertical climbs that are composed of small edges and sparse foot holds. La Rambla (9a+) is one of the most famous lines in Siurana and I passed three climbing days trying this line, as well as sending Korrea Borroka (8b+) and climbing on Patinoso (8c+). La Rambla begins with a technical crack, followed by some more straightforward but more dynamic movements, and then a really difficult boulder-problem crux at the top. This was the first 9a+ (5.15a) that I’ve ever tried and it is definitely a new level. I have never projected something before… I am not sure if I’ve ever given any climb more than 8 tries before sending it… and I was enticed to begin this project-process. However – Spain being the home to so much climbing – I was hesitant to bunker in at one place for too long before seeing the other areas, so we packed up our bungalow and journeyed to Oliana, Spain.


In Oliana, we (being me and 3Strings Media; Keith Ladzinski, Andy Mann, and Ben Spannuth) met up with Colette McInnery, Joe Kinder, Daila Ojeda, Chris Sharma, and Big Up Productions, along with a large group of other friends from around the world. I was not surprised that Oliana was as crowded as it was; the region is the sport-climbing hot-spot for a large concentration of spectacularly long, beautiful hard routes. The crag has garnered a lot of attention for famous lines like Mind Control, 8c+, which I succeeded on after 4 tries, Pappichulo, 9a+, which I am yet to try but looking forward to challenging myself on (I NEED MORE TIME HERE!!!), and dozens of others.

3Strings Media has been filming and taking photos throughout the trip to produce a new Adidas Video. I am excited to share all of the footage to paint a clearer picture of Spain’s unreal climbing scene, and to recap some of our fun life-style adventures!

Along with the climbing being amazing, this trip has been enjoyable because of all of the friends from around the world that I have been able to hang out with and climb with while here.

My experience in Oliana has been unique because of how many strong, famous climbers are here to climb with, and also because of all of the media surrounding the crag. Climbers from Spain, Russia, France, UK, Norway, Australia, Czech Republic, Austria, and of course the Americas were all represented yesterday! While in Spain I am filming with 3Strings and with Big Up Productions. Famous photographer Simon Carter is here taking fabulous photos, and a host of others as well. Everyone is trying to capture the multi-national scene of World-Class Climbing Sports Action!

To conclude… I am now headed to the cliff to CLIMB!

Hasta Luego mis amigos!!!


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