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Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert

Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
Bishop Calls! - Steve Richert
March 08, 2012 -  Steve Richert    

My wife and I are normal people on an unusual mission of climbing for a solid year with no days off. Not a stunt but more a statement of empowerment for people living with type 1 diabetes, an incurable auto-immune condition that plagues millions of people from their diagnoses (sometimes as young as age 1 or 2) to their death. I was 16 when I was diagnosed and climbing always inspired me to live beyond the conventional limitations that I was given. I'd like to think I can encourage others to get out there and make natural fitness a priority, despite obstacles and illnesses.


After climbing for 52 consecutive days with...many, many more days to go till we have reached our goal of climbing 365 days straight. A few people have asked me how it's "going". Honestly, it's "going" really fast! I am psyched, but also a bit apprehensive that it will go too fast and be over before I know it! 

We ordered shoes from 5.10 and we are really excited to get them--unfortunately we are leaving for Bishop to do some bouldering in the Buttermilks and it is not likely that they will be here in San Diego before we leave in the morning. Nevertheless, I am planning to get after if for a few days--probably camping and braving the cold and then hitting up Alabama Hills on the way back to San Diego. 

These "satellite" trips are sort of teasers for when the winter is done and we can hit the road for the remainder of our project. The good thing about having a pad at which to crash is that we are able to get online, blog, edit photos and videos with ease and plan the next legs of our trip. The downside is that the climbing is not super inspiring for me here locally--it is definitely adequate but I am really looking forward to bigger/longer challenges. 

After Bishop, we will regroup, pick up our SICK new shoes (THANKS 5.10!) and then head back out on the road for a month or more--on the agenda: Cochise Stronghold, Queen Creek Canyon, Red Rock, Zion, Moab, Joes Valley and maybe another go-round at Bishop. Our agenda is really quite variable since we are pretty much following the weather, trying to get in as much climbing as possible, but these are some of the main areas we are looking to hit up with others in between.

Photo credit: Nick Percell

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