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Youth Nationals and Training - Sierra Carroll

Youth Nationals and Training - Sierra Carroll
March 07, 2012 - 

Just finished a good training session at the Boulder Rock Club today after taking a week to rest as a result of being in so much pain following the ABS Nationals Citizen Competition a week ago. I had a good time training on some of the problems that were new for me at the Boulder Rock Club as well as finishing some other problem I had been working on over the past few weeks. Two Sunday's ago I decided last minute that I thought my shoulder was feeling well enough for me to compete at CityRock for the citizens competition. Though I quickly came to realize that my shoulder was not feeling as strong as I had hoped it was. So I chose to continue to have a great time hanging out and doing the best I could to work through some of the less shoulder intensive problems. Sadly I ended up leaving the competition in pain and with very limited rang of mobility that cause me to need to take the past week off. Though overall I enjoyed working on new problem and competing as I have definitely missed not being able to compete the past few months as a result of my injury. So it turned out to still be an enjoyable competition where I managed to place 3rd overall for women (if I recall correctly that is).


On a more positive note, this past weekend I was able to watch some of ABS Youth National Championships and had a great time watching all of the strong youth climbers compete. Congratulations to all the 5.10 athletes and athletes in general who competed last weekend I know from what I saw I was very inspired to see so many strong youth competitors having a great time competing and having a great time. I am now even more psyched to hopefully gain some more insight from a different doctor about possible other issues that I have in my shoulder so that I can quickly get back to training and climbing outside in the next few weeks. The past two weeks have been very exciting to be back involved in the competition scene, even though I haven't been able to really compete, it has been great to interact with and get excited about climbing with so many other athletes.


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