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Horsetooth Fever - Emily Dudley

Horsetooth Fever - Emily Dudley
February 29, 2012 - 

February was a pretty busy month with school and work. Plus the weather was windy and cold in Colorado. However, because of the lack of time and the lack of long periods of good weather I have re-discovered my home crag, Horsetooth. There is notable bouldering history at Horsetooth and some amazing lines like Moon Arete and Doxology. However, the lines that got my attention are the “highball” classic Kelley’s Traverse_V10, which basically traverses the foot holds of Punk Rock Traverse_V5 and everything on the Talent Scout boulder.


Kelley’s is very long, about 16 moves, and I have done it in two pieces. I am setting a problem similar in the gym for something called “endurance” training. As a boulderer, endurance is something I don’t usually focus on. Especially because I am usually drawn to problems that have few moves on tiny holds. That is where I excel.

The Talent Scout boulder is a boulder full of eliminates. Which is okay when the weather sucks everywhere and the boulder is 5 minutes from home. I did Talent Scout Roof_V6 and Power Glide_V8 in three tries. Although Power Glide is graded harder by the masses it fit me better than Talent Scout Roof and I did it in fewer tries. I was able to do the glide move static due to my love for crimps and finger size. I tried Power Scout_V9 but was lacking skin. I am definitely going to make more trips to finish that and fully link Kelley’s Traverse.

Sometimes it is hard to balance life with full time school, full time job, and full time climbing, however having a crag 5 minutes away keeps me psyched!

Photo credit: Paul Dusatko

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