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Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero

Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero
Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero
Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero
Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero
Bishop Crushin' with Friends - Mirko Caballero
February 28, 2012 - 

This is my first blog as a new Five Ten Youth Team member. I'm so psyched to be part of the team. I was hoping to get a sponsorship, but Five Ten has always been my favorite climbing shoes company, so that makes it really exciting! I just got my first pair of Team 5.10 shoes mailed to me just in time for US Nationals...


This past week we drove to Bishop, CA for my Ski Week vacation (more like Climb Week) and picked up Josh and Grace on the way. I didn't have any specific projects as I was just planning to climb and hang out with Josh, Grace, Natalia, Dylan, Sera, Nick, Connor, Matt, Seth, and some more of my friends from the Zero Gravity Climbing Team. The first couple of days I was just trying easier fun climbs and the only hard lines I tried were ultra classic ones such as Stained Glass V10 (7C+). Grace sent Hand to Hand Combat V7 (7B), and Sera sent High Plains Drifter V7 (7B), I need to get on that one sometime... On Monday we all agreed to go to the Sad Boulders where Connor and Rick wanted to try Beef Cake V10 (7C+). Scott Cory, one of my coaches, and I had already done it so after helping with some beta, we got restless and decided to work on The Aquarium V12 (8A+) which is the extension to Aquatic Hitchhiker V10 (7C+). I had sent it last year, and Scott had just sent it earlier in the day. After working The Aquarium with Scott I got really psyched and felt I could maybe do it.

Most of my friends went home on Monday, and on Tuesday Grace, Natalia, and I proceeded to climb at the Happy Boulders where I sent Super Froz V9 (7C). Grace and Natalia both sent the first part of this problem, Son of Claudius Rufus V5 (6C+). I also sent Less Poetry Please V8 (7B+), and Mr. Witty V6 (7A), a fun but difficult slab and kind of scary when you only have a small 8-year old pad below you... Nonetheless still an amazing line that I sent on my second try. I also flashed Every Color You Are V6 (7A), while Grace and Natalia were working Less Poetry Please. After a rest day I spent the following two days working on The Aquarium and started getting really close but kept on falling on the last hard move. Natalia left on Saturday morning, and for Grace and I, this was going to be our last day. I was starting to feel the stress of running out of time. I was soooooooooo tired that I knew I probably only had like 3 good burns where I would be able to finish it. Luckily I sent it 2nd go of the day making it my first V12 (8A+)!!!!!!!!! We then went to the Happy Boulders where Grace wanted to try to send Less Poetry Please. She got really close... She was able to send the first half, Shattered Dreams on a Bed of Lies V6 (7A) as well as the second part, Will's Arete V5 (6C+), but barely missed the link up. She'll get it next time for sure...

We just got to Colorado for US Nationals this weekend. My dad had to come here for business so we decided to seize the opportunity and spend time here and also train a little bit with Justen Sjong at Movement Climbing Gym. Anyway I'm so psyched for Youth Bouldering US National Championships this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell you how it went next week.


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