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Back in Boulder - Ben Spannuth

Back in Boulder - Ben Spannuth
Back in Boulder - Ben Spannuth
February 27, 2012 - 

Being back in Boulder has been great.  No matter how long I leave for I feel like a haven't missed a beat on Tues and Thurs nights at CATS and bouldering with the strong guys here is always motivating to become more powerful.  Matty Hong and Jon Cardwell in particular are killing it right now and doing boulders I could barely, if even, do the moves on.  In addition to probably too many gym sessions, I've made it outside a few times to see my first few real days of winter and down to Colorado Springs to watch ABS Nationals.


Day 1 - Was spent filming Ryan Silven on a couple new river boulders Mark Avery put up along the South St. Vrain River.

Day 2 - I got on a rope in Eldorado Canyon for the second time ever.  The LT11 crew put together a cool video featuring a classic short route from Chris Hill and Christian Griffith in 1986 called The Web (13b).  It also includes some brief footage from working Era Bella and The Golden Ticket.

Day 3 - The winds gusted down Clear Creek as I watched Jon Glassberg try the sickest dyno project I've seen.  Silven and I practiced our ice wind sprints and high knees to stay warm and not fall over as Jon hucked himself at the 8' dyno dubbed Space Jam.

ABS Nationals were the best yet in my option from the coordinatoring, spectating, route setting, and climbing angles so I'm excited to see how Jon and the crew captured it all.  It was also a blast to see everyone I used to climb and compete with back in the Lousiana/ Texas days. 

Before I start my rigorous dyno-coordination training and racking to snipe the FA of the Space Jam Proj, I'm extremely excited to go on a trip slightly "closer to home."  On Monday, I'm heading to Spain with Sasha DiGiulian, Keith Ladzinski, and Andy Mann with some support from Adidas, Fiveten, and Edelrid!  Right now I have dozens of routes in mind I want to sample to see what I find the most inspiring but regardless of what we get on I'm psyched and feel very fortunate to get to go on a trip I wasn't expecting to happen.  As preparation, I've tirelessly been working on my rodeo and stick clipping skills in order to do my part in holding it down for the American belayers.  Here's a little video from Margalef.

Congrats to everyone that did Nationals this weekend, I definitely left inspired to get stronger and smarter, and congrats to Jonathon on the new rig in arrow!



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