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Body Tensión (sit) (First Ascent) - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Body Tensión (sit) (First Ascent) - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
February 25, 2012 - 

Just a few hours, a few hours for the dose of fanaticism I need lately, but sufficient, collapse, very physical blocks that are making me put in a way I like, and especially a lot of motivation, that's what I get lately One day I'm cleaning one way with the mindset of no bolts, only clean, and the other walking in search of blocks with Laia.

I found a motivation that has no expiration date, I have found the secret to stay motivated and that I keep it to myself, which cost me find it, I'm not referring to sectors, or rocks, if not the approach and thus find balance to maintain, have only been 12 years of searching.


So back to the block next to Pol, Jordi and Aleix has done some great pictures and where we spent a whole spring day in the shade and sun for a while, without further ramblings Pol has shown good form making the first ascent of a block that you take your eye a few weeks ago, and already about to leave me but has not been, and Pol was responsible for making the first ascent, this is called the crossing de l'elefant (sit) only about 15 moves, I with all sequences nuanced, I only have patience.

Aleix has solved another project that cleaned last week and has not yet baptized, to end the day wanted to try a project to clean up last week but was not able to solve one of the crux, because of nuance des broke a strip , now one of the attempts have solved the second crux and soon solved the problem, I called Power Surge Body (sit), the name defines it perfectly.

We hope that tomorrow is as good a day like today, we have finally finished the day holding a barbecue at the home of our friend Domenec, celebrated his birthday and his journey through India, leaves again, this time with no return date.

Best wishes and good luck in this adventure.


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