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Climbing Club at University of Colorado - Sierra Carroll

Climbing Club at University of Colorado - Sierra Carroll
February 25, 2012 - 

Just finished my first week of midterms for the semester and am excited to be watching the ABS National Championships tonight in Colorado Springs. This week has been a very eventful week not only because of midterms and Nationals but also because I have finally gotten my idea to create a Christian climbing group on campus off the ground. I met this week with the National Director of Solid Rock Climbers for Christ and am looking at beginning a chapter here on campus in the near future as long as everything goes as planned. I had a great time interacting with the director along with a Solid Rock sponsored competitor Matt who competes this weekend in the National Championships. I am very excited to see how this all plays out and to hopefully have the opportunity to create a chapter through Solid Rock that is also a club on the University of Colorado's campus. I have connected with a group of climbers here on campus that are also very excited about the idea of having a group of climbers to connect with and climb with on a weekly basis. I will continue to give updates on how things are going with this new group I am hoping to create. I have always been very excited when I have opportunities to connect with and connect other climbers together since I enjoy watching the climbing community grow and progress in every aspect.


On another note, I am very excited to be attending the American Boulder Series National Championships finals tonight in Colorado Springs. I have a lot of friends competing and can't wait to see all their hard work be paid off. I am still very disappointed that I am not able to compete this weekend with many of my friends since I am still in so much pain in my shoulder. Though I am slowly seeing progress again in my shoulder and I am very slowly being able to train endurance without being in too much pain. Though this means I am not able to compete this weekend as I had planned I am looking forward to the next few months as I am able to gain my strength back so that I can start competing again. Depending on how my shoulder feels tonight I might chose to compete in the Citizens competition at Nationals tomorrow and just treat it as a very low key fun day of climbing on new problems. We will have to see though, overall I am very excited to watch finals tonight and see the amazing problems that the setters challenges these top competitors with as well as how these competitors are able to do as they compete for a slot on the National Team. Good luck to everyone tonight! 


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