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Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull

Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month in Mexico City - Diego Lopez Montull
February 25, 2012 - 

Almost a month in Mexico City, this has been a radical change which I'm used to after living for long periods of time in remote locations. Where a lot with unrelated people, not by choice but because there is not sow many option if you want to climb in those places.


After that I'm in one of the largest and most populated cities in the world where you can definitely see that the chaos engine that has an order, always surrounded by many people, driving an hour in traffic is stressful city or 30 minutes in transport public, which is a landscape supply yard to torture, most of the hours are peak hours, in which it is so difficult enter to the wagon off the subway, and being in an adventure all is bizarre indeed.

Inside the wagon there are people selling everything from music cd, pencils, books, people like fakirs, people asking for money some  times you fink now wan more can enter in the wagon bot not one more and other one...

I can only grieve that CAFCA would have liked this city. After this, climb in a closed room where is 50 people. This feels like a big change, but soon again i change my routine lake a climber in the city. I began train a muerte staile, in the climbing gym, Monday through Thursday weekend rock.

But within days of being in the city inevitably get sick from the flu to (H1R1), which led me to spend 10 days in bed very ill. Three days after been out of bed, I went to the 1boulder open in Mexico city were five ten was sponsored this event. Not  very motivated of not being sick and without climbing.

The doctor tells me I can start to climb again and I return to my routine, but this time more motivated.
Monday to Thursday 6 hours in the climbing GYM, and weekend in the rock;
Which is very well around the city of Mexico, the problem is get out of town, on the traffic. But you have the option of going to Taxco where the rock is limestone, Gilotepec conglomerate, boulders in Mineral del Chico in a god basalt, among other areas but this is where I have many projects.
So again very motivated to do some first ascent and discover more boulders and equip some new routes in the next month, then the march 31 is the boulder comp to choose de Mexican selective fore de boulder world cup in Veil and fink  go to Hueco some days before the rock rodeo.

I'm also thinking were to go, to find the v15 and organizing my itinerary as a climber as this year has been busier than the past, this month I have to give lectures and write articles, plus training course and rock climbing.

ANIMO señores.


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