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Riley Joyce - The Moment When You Know…

Riley Joyce - The Moment When You Know…
Riley Joyce - The Moment When You Know…
Riley Joyce - The Moment When You Know…
February 22, 2012 - 

The Moment When You Know…

My two chalky hands matched on a small crimp, my right foot smearing on the wall. I began to jump towards a two-finger pocket… I stuck it!! Only one problem, I stuck it with one finger looking at my feet dangling below. I soon came to the conclusion that I was holding my whole body with one finger.

I dropped onto the dusty crash pads with a sharp feeling running through my finger to my forearm. My mind was scattered in thoughts, overwhelming in emotions, and shocked in pain. I began to take my shoes off and trying to sum up my feelings before I tell my coach.

With my heart pounding in disappointment, about to tell my coach. The words I remember him telling me was, " you can not climb for a week, do not even come into the gym." The only week that I could not climb was the week that we began to train for leading, my favorite!

Even though I could not climb this week, I knew if I did everything I could do to get my finger better that I could climb next week. Every athlete has roadblocks in their sport but soon enough you can overcome it and move on to the next adventure. The moment when you know that you have lost hope, do not give up! The more you put into your sport the more you will get out of your sport!

Photo credit: River Helmich

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