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The Latest - Carlo Traversi

The Latest - Carlo Traversi
The Latest - Carlo Traversi
February 21, 2012 -  Carlo Traversi    

It's been a busy last few weeks and when I say busy, I mean LOTS OF CLIMBING!  All types, actually.  A few weeks ago, I had the urge to head out Trad climbing and found myself dicing out a send on the Evictor (5.12d) in Eldorado Canyon.  Photographer Greg Mionske captured some decent footage of the send:


And he also wrote a very entertaining blog about the day which you can find here:

After that it was up to Estes Park, to finish off Memory Is Parallax V14:

You can also read a blog I just wrote about the ascent on my personal website:

A few days after that it was off to Boston, MA for the Dark Horse Championships at Metro Rock.  The competition was a blast!  Great route setting, high energy crowd, and a strong crew of competitors ensured a great experience for all who attended.  I climbed decently well in finals and it was enough to get me on the podium in 3rd Place.  You can read a more detailed account of the competition here:

After the Dark Horse, it was back to Boulder for a few days of route setting before jumping on a plane to San Francisco for a PCI Pro Clinic at Planet Granite.  The clinic was packed and both the youth and adult groups were PSYCHED!  It was a great chance to share my experience within climbing to people who are very enthusiastic about the sport and looking to improve.  This was my third clinic with PCI and I'm excited to keep participating in more of them.  Look for a PCI Pro Clinic at a gym near you!

After San Francisco, it was back to Boulder to prepare for ABS Nationals this coming weekend.  Between sessions at The Spot, I spent another day back up at the Rincon Wall in Eldorado Canyon and tried Musta Been High 5.13c R/X.  Maybe the route just fit me well, but I managed a top rope redpoint on my 2nd try!  Heading back to give it a go on lead soon!

After ABS Nationals, I'm moving out of my house in Boulder, and I'll be heading to Fontainebleau, France for the whole month of March.  No words can describe how PSYCHED I am to climb in the most famous bouldering area in the world.


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