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L.A. Living - Cerre Francis

L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
L.A. Living - Cerre Francis
February 20, 2012 - 

In October I picked up life as I knew it for the last decade and left Salt Lake City for Southern California. Venice Beach to be exact. While I was excited for the change, I was scared of leaving the great climbing community and rock Utah offers. Within two days of my arrival I found myself at the closest climbing gym. Funny how we change our lives, but still migrate to our comfort zone. Lucky for me I ran into Isaac Palatt who I had met years back while competing. He offered a tour of Black Mountain the following weekend and I was psyched. In May I had hip surgery and was out of commission for four months. I could not wait to get out hiking and climbing in my new city. Black Mountain is fabulous. The problems tend to be tall and the majority of landings are good. The area is beautiful, huge pine trees, and very secluded. I quickly forgot the rock I was missing in Utah and fell in love.


A few weekends later, we checked out Horse Flats with our friend Marlon who was new to the city as well. Awesome, more great climbing not too far from my door. There is so much history at the flats and again the problems tend to be taller so even on easy climbs you feel a lot of movement.

This last weekend I drove up to the bouldering in Santa Barbara. To be honest even if it had been terrible, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway for two hours is a treat in itself. We went to the Brickyard and as the climbing world would have it, ran into Chris a friend we had met on our tour of Black Mountain. The Brickyard was small, but the climbing was a lot of fun. It looks like there is a lot that still hasn't been developed. I am excited to get back and see what might go up.

Life in L.A. is so good, I would have never guessed. I miss my friends and my local areas, but it turns out there is a lot of rock and a ton of great people here too. Sometimes when you live in one place for so long, you forget how much is really out there.


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