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Andrew Plagens - Updates.......

Andrew Plagens - Updates.......
Andrew Plagens - Updates.......
Andrew Plagens - Updates.......
Andrew Plagens - Updates.......
February 14, 2012 - 

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting. My two good friends from back home came to visit for a week and to climb some ice. They drove straight through from Michigan, leaving at 5pm and getting to Colorado at 9am the next morning. They were ready to climb despite their lack of sleep. We decided to wait one day to go hit the ice and went to Eldo. Eric and Joe had never climbed in Eldo, so I decided it necessary for us to climb the ultra classic Bastille Crack. It is a must for any visiting climber. Joe and Eric were thoroughly tired after a 20 hour car ride and just one climb. We headed back to my place to hang out, eat, and get a good nights sleep.


We headed to Rocky Mountain National Park early the next morning to climb some ice. We hiked into Loch Vale Gorge at 7am intent on climbing all day. When we got to the crag it extremely cold and windy, as the park often is in winter. Joe, Eric and I all learned to climb ice in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so were not about to let a little cold spoil our day out; we had dealt with this issue many times before. It was a good day out and we got some decent laps in.

The next day we woke up super early once more, this time we were headed to Vail to hit the ice again. We went to the Fire House area and got some good leads in. After a good day in Vail we drove up to the airport to pick up our good friend Morgan. He had just been in Michigan for two weeks visiting family. We went to his house in Ft. Collins and planned to climb the next day in Poudre Canyon. The next morning we drove up the canyon and climbed a few classic lines on some of the canyons quality granite. We stayed and Moragns and then went back to Vail in the morning to climb more ice. Finally after Vail we took a rest day. Eric and Joe had to leave the day after that. So we spent the day hanging out, sorting gear and just enjoying our time together. I hope it was a good trip for them and that they will come out to climb this spring.


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