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3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure

3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
3 comps-3weeks - Sebastien Lazure
February 10, 2012 - 

January 28th.
It was the third editions of the Gonflé à Bloc comp in Montreal and it feels to me that the first one was held only few days ago. Time goes by, and it's been already three years since my home gym's first Tour de Bloc stop. It was the only stop of the tour in Montreal this season and expectations were high! A total of 235 climbers competed that day! I think it was an overall success and one of the best one so far! Not because I’m really happy of my climbing that day but surely because every aspects of the comp went well: routesetting in qualifiers and in finals was great! Nice problems and a good variety of movements and styles! Also, all the organization this time and volunteers management flowed pretty well.


I was first in qualifiers and so last to climb in finals... Flashed the first one and then got to the second and managed to stick the super high dyno to the finishing holds somewhere around 3/4 of the route wall! Scary! The crowd went pretty loud and i knew later that i was the only one to stick it! Problem three was very nice but took me a lot of power through my 3 tries! I didn’t reach the end but got to the bonus and the high point. The two last problems were very nice but I wasn't able to send both of them due to the pump I developed on the first ones. With only 2 tops in finals I finished the day in first place! After finishing third and second at the two first comps in my gym, I was very proud to finally manage to win this one!

February 4th.
We drove back to Boston for the final event of the dark horse series: the championship! I was super psyched about this comp! There always a good vibe and problems are very fun. My goal was to make finals and I was super stoke to finish 4th in qualifiers. Problems set in a way that we had to wait a long time to try stuff because they were traversing and taking a lot of space on the wall so only one person could climb at a time and there was a lot of climbers at the same time since every categories climbed at the same time for an hour or so. I climbed well I think and was super excited to be part of finals. Problems were nice and gymnastic as the usual Dark Horse style.
First thing, I know in iso is that men's number one is a running start! And I hate running starts! :P I always have a hard time with them... surprisingly I got the running start after five tries, and sent. I did well in the other problems but didn’t send anything else. I finished 6th.

I’m looking to be back for DH comps again next year! It’s always a good motivation for me! The day after the comp we visited Boston, Harvard, ate some pastries and drove back home in the evening. It was a great weekend!

February 11th.
TDB Comp in Ottawa.
Details coming soon…


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