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Impromptu Roadtrip - Mayan Smith-Gobat

Impromptu Roadtrip - Mayan Smith-Gobat
Impromptu Roadtrip - Mayan Smith-Gobat
Impromptu Roadtrip - Mayan Smith-Gobat
February 06, 2012 - 

Every time you kind of feel you have it sorted, life seems to have a crazy way of throwing something new into the mix - This is not necessarily a bad thing. However it tends to confuse matters at times and is making it hard for me to make decisions. My life just seems to be a whirlwind of experiences and too many great opportunities keep coming up... I feel very privileged to be in this position, yet at times I feel like I am having a hard time keeping up with my life.


The last few weeks have been hectic - bouldering, driving, Trade Show, visiting new areas, meeting great people and filming...  After the Trade Show I made a very impromptu decision to head down to St. George (Southern Utah) with Sasha, Ben, Andy and Keith. This turned into a week of fun and crushing with the Five Ten crew! We sampled the crags around Southern Utah, went to hot springs and even managed to fit some canyoneering into our schedule! It has been super fun, seeing new places, bouldering and doing routes quickly. However, I always find that after several weeks of this, I miss having a project which dominates my brain and takes over my life. I find that life starts feeling pointless and empty without having an overriding goal to focus on.

Lately, a concept that my ex-boyfriend often talked to me about keeps popping into my mind "Just because you can do something, does not mean you should." This thought has made me really try to evaluate my life and what is really important to me before just committing to an opportunity. However, thinking in this way and my transient lifestyle has also made it difficult for me to fully commit to something and I am feeling the need to really sink my teeth into a project again... The Valley is calling!

Stay tuned for the Video of the impromptu 5.10 road trip!

Photo credit: Keith Ladzinski

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