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Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen

Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen
Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen
Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen
Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen
Before the Snow Fell - Jonathan Widen
February 02, 2012 - 

Winter, a great season to be part of here in the Mammoth Lakes area. But, with winter close approaching the eastern sierras my buddies and myself where in search of one last great ride to close out the fall riding season. So throughout much discussion and searching for the last great ride of the 2011 fall season we picked out a ride that most people only dream of.


Our ride or the trail we picked out is located up in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest of the White Mountains. The White Mountains boarder California and Neveda on the far eastern edge of California and have been know to hold the oldest trees in the world! As well as miles upon miles of single track through the entire range. A great choice for a season ending ride with my good friends.

Our ride started at 8,724 ft at the top of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest and descended through old, I mean really old trees in "Pleta Canyon" down to a hidden cattle ranch from the late 1950's. After the cattle ranch we had a small uphill peddle that took about 45min and climbed up 1,674 ft up to the top of "Redding Canyon". After we finally reached the final peak atop the front edge of the White Mountains and before the amazing downhill ride ahead of us we took in the amazing scenery and had a short lunch before dropping in to pure single track bliss. The total for the ride was 14 miles of single track, 4,750ft of descent, and a total ride time of 3 hours from start to finish.

The riders varied from Professional level racers to the average weekend warrior but none of that mattered. We where all good friend with one thing in mind.... Amazing world class single track! O'yeah and some cold beers at the bottom awaiting us at our shuttle truck pick up and some great Mexican food at a local restaurant in Bishop, Ca.

Photo credit: Jonathan Widen

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