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Quick on the Draw - Michaela Kiersch

Quick on the Draw - Michaela Kiersch
Quick on the Draw - Michaela Kiersch
Quick on the Draw - Michaela Kiersch
February 01, 2012 -  Michaela Kiersch    

This weekend was the annual Quick on the Draw competition at Adventure Rock in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  I was really psyched to go to this competition because it is always fun, exciting, and full of great people! Every year Adventure Rock staff thinks of a crazy theme for Quick on the Draw.  This year, the walls were littered with intricate tape robot designs to signal the start of each route.  This comp is unique in that each boulder problem or route you do counts towards your score, so you have to get a ton of climbing in to make finals.


I drove up to Wisconsin with my teammates Emily Pate, Maddie Rafkin, and Greg Padovani.  Once we got there, we quickly registered (in the true Hidden Peak fashion of doing everything last minute) and sat to listen to the rules meeting.  I was happy to see that a few people from up in Minnesota made the trip down to compete this year, Kyra Condie (who competed in Women’s Open with me), Noah Ridge, and Charlie Houtz.  We all quickly set out for a four hour session of sending!  While four hours sounds like a lot of time, it really isn’t when you are scrambling around trying to get 7 routes done and 5 boulder problems.  After a lot of hard work, I somehow managed to give everything at least one attempt and pull into finals in first place.  I was closely followed by Kyra, Emily, Maddie, and Annaleah Fields.

While we waited for the Adventure Rock staff to get ready for finals, we all walked over to the Culver’s next door for some good sending ice cream!  It’s a tradition for us at this comp ;) Finals began around 6:30pm with the Female Advanced category.  Piper, a young girl who lives in a suburb of Chicago, flashed the finals route with an impressive first pace win (this competition was one of her first experiences leading!).  Male Advanced followed, and they were climbing on the same route that I would be climbing later in the night.  I didn’t get to watch this category, but I heard it was quite a show when 12 year old Jake Fields pulled out an impressive high point on the route, which put him in first place!

Female Open was next, and the five of us were excited to climb the route after previewing it.  The route was amazing looking, it snaked across the main lead wall and had one, amazing volume on it.  There was a huge metal robot in the middle of the route!  The legs were made of rings, which we needed to swing across to get to more holds on the other side.  I must say, Adventure Rock really outdid themselves this year!  We were all really psyched to get on the route.

Soon my turn came, and I was the last of my category to go out.  I hurried to get on the wall and start my climb.  The beginning was very fun, and then I got to the rings.  It was probably one of the coolest things I have gotten to do in a sport climbing competition.  I paced myself through several more moves and tried to control my pump.  This was the first time I had been sport climbing in months, I was getting pumped like crazy.  There were a few big deadpoints at the end of the route, but I pulled through and was the only person to flash the route.

Male Open followed and my two very good friends, Luke Kiefer and Andrew Nimmer were the first two out.  While their route went through the rings as well, instead of heading right, it went straight up onto the body of the robot.  Both of them were just a little short of being able to invert and reach the toe hook, but it was so much fun to watch them come up with several different ways to get there. Well done you two!  The last two competitors were Noah Ridge and David Nimmer.  I have also known these two for quite some time and I’m really glad to have them as my friends.  These two both successfully got the toe hook and pulled onto the robot (the only competitors to do so).  Getting off the rings was clearly very pumpy, and you could see how tired they were getting.  Noah ended p doing a super awesome dyno to the next holds, it was just insane to watch!  David did succeed in pulling through the toe hook beta, so intense.  Further up the wall was a huge throw to a tufa where both competitors got pumped out and fell.  A great effort from both of them!

The final results for Open categories:


1.     David Nimmer

2.     Noah Ridge

3.     Nick Oklobzija

4.     Andrew Nimmer

5.     Luke Kiefer



1.     Michaela Kiersch

2.     Kyra Condie

3.     Emily Pate

4.     Maddie Rafkin

5.     Annaleah Fields  


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