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Hueco Tanks Trip - Joseph Gifford

Hueco Tanks Trip - Joseph Gifford
January 30, 2012 - 

Last winter break me and my climbing team took a trip to Hueco Tanks for a little more than week. The first day at Hueco was a successful day. I got a send on “Mojo” and did a repeat on “Ten ten”, this was all on East mountain. We traveled to East probley the most because so many of us on the team had projects out there. But my best day at Hueco was defiantly the last day on West mountain, I felt super good and was sending hard climbs really quickly, on one of my attempts I almost flashed a v9 and also sent plenty more v9s and v10s. I did a really cool v10 and tried an v11 extension called “Scream” it was a  sick climb and with the second extension it was even better . The first  move was a huge campus like move to a decent sharp hold and then finished out on a powerful v10, but it totally trashed my hands with no send on the v11, but generally I had a great last day at Hueco Tanks.


I Left Hueco with a couple of projects one of them was “Rumble in the Jungle” it was super cool but I couldn’t figure the beta for it, another climb that i got  psyched on was “Naguala” a sick v13 right next to the maze on East spur. It starts out on a terrible crimp going up to more crimps that only get worse, I was able to do the first two moves on it, but I only had one day to try it. Overall my Hueco trip was great, I had a lot of fun and sent some really sweet climbs.

Here's a list of the climbs i did while i was in Hueco
Havelina v8
Sledgehammer v9
1969 v9
Taxing the pipe v9
Shroom v9
Mojo v10
Alien v10
Tenten v10


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