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Winter Burn! - Francesca Metcalf

Winter Burn! - Francesca Metcalf
Winter Burn! - Francesca Metcalf
Winter Burn! - Francesca Metcalf
January 30, 2012 - 

I spent last weekend in Philadelphia competing at the Winter Burn, one of the many competitions annually held at the Philly Rock Gyms. My whole family met me in Philly, as well as a huge chunk of the Metro Rock crew, including Dave Wetmore and Josh Larson. To my surprise, I woke up Saturday morning to see my first snowfall of the year, but even with the bad weather and icy roads, the comp had a great turn out. The red point in the afternoon was packed to the brim, but fortunately, there were tons of places to climb so the lines were never unbearably long. I thought the climbs were all pretty well set, even though their scores were far from accurate. The great thing about the gym is that there is always something for everyone. They have a good amount of slab climbs for the techy people, crimpy problems for the girls, lots of steep powerful stuff, and climbs that are essentially just mantles. In my opinion, when there no repetitiveness in the climbs, red points are much more interesting and enjoyable.


After the red point, they took the top eight girls and eight guys to finals. Metro Rock represented strong with all three Metcalf sisters and three other Metro locals (Dave, Josh and Nick) in finals. I went into finals in first place, but I got a bit nervous in iso because I was super shaky while warming up. Thankfully, once I got out and started climbing, I felt much stronger. I ended up flashing all three of my climbs, which I wasn’t expecting- especially my third problem since it was mostly powerful moves on pinches.I ended up in first place along with Josh Larson, who climbed super strong. In second was Zoe Steinberg, who is climbing really well and is definitely someone to look out for in the next few years. Dave, beastly as always, came in third and both of my sisters crushed as well. Nick unfortunately hurt himself on the first climb when he fell and hit his head on his spotter’s shoulder, resulting in a concussion. He couldn’t finish the round, but luckily, he is fine and will be back in the gym in no time.

Photo credit: Anne Kavalerchik

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