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Vegas Vacation!! - Emily Dudley

Vegas Vacation!! - Emily Dudley
January 27, 2012 - 

For New Year's I went to Red Rocks for the first time. The bouldering was amazing and I did some great lines. Here is a video of me sending Potato Chips, The Pearl, Spittin' Venom, and Monkey Bar Direct.


It seemed fitting that on the morning of the New Year I would find myself in the Las Vegas airport. The atmosphere in the terminal was somber, everyone seemed partied out. I however could hardly contain my excitement. I was going to a new area, one with beautiful sandstone boulders and perfect weather.

Two days earlier Paul Dusatko and I decided, based on numerous facebook posts that Hueco was very crowded and we wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay. We checked online, got a smokin’ deal on a hotel and BAM, we were in Las Vegas.

We immediately drove to Calico Basin to climb on the Kraft boulders. It was 65 degrees and sunny, perfect weather for me. The first few days we toured the classics and I flashed the area test piece, The Pearl_V5. I also climbed a new V8/V9 called Spittin’ Venom in 4 tries. Spittin’ Venom is a short, crimpy line on a boulder left of The Cube.  I believe this was the first female ascent!

I also fired the classic Monkey Bar Direct_V8 after finding some girl beta. This was by far my favorite line, it starts on a jug in a roof, big move to a pocket, then a crimp power crux… very hueco-esque!

The next week passed in a blur, climbing everyday on beautiful sandstone. The third day we hiked up to the amazing Ethan Pringle line Stand and Deliver_V11. Paul came really close to sending but there is a really committing move at the top and we only had limited pads.  On the second to last day I got on Scare Tactics_V10, a climb I definitely want to come back to. The first move is the crux with an awkward foot. Then it climbs up bomber incut crimps to an easy top-out. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked on it and will be coming back to suss out the beta and finish it.

The next best thing after the climbing at Red Rocks is Las Vegas, lots of hotels, lots of rest day activities. I played roulette for the first time and didn’t lose any money. Not exactly a win but I’ll take it. And it is so nice to be a girl in Las Vegas. If girls want to go out, we don’t have to wait in line, pay cover, or even pay for drinks. I even got a chicken tender hook-up at the grocery store. Sorry boys.

Red Rocks was amazing, I cannot wait to go back. I think it might just be the next bouldering hot spot!


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