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Great and Relaxing Trip to Costa Rica - Sierra Carroll

Great and Relaxing Trip to Costa Rica - Sierra Carroll
Great and Relaxing Trip to Costa Rica - Sierra Carroll
Great and Relaxing Trip to Costa Rica - Sierra Carroll
Great and Relaxing Trip to Costa Rica - Sierra Carroll
January 22, 2012 - 

Just a few days ago I returned from a fabulous trip to Costa Rica with my best friend's family. I was there with them for a little over a week and had a great time doing all sorts of fun things. We spent the first half of the trip in a beautiful place Lake Arenal where we had a great view of the lake and surrounding area.


During those first few days we spent some time hiking through the jungle, riding on I believe a total of 7 separate amazing zip-lines, spent a day having a great time in the hot springs at the foot of a volcano as well as lots of other relaxing and fun activities. I even had the opportunity to climb the archway by our house that shows how beautiful of a view we had right out the front window of the house. As well as an bridge over a pool while we were there.

In my mind these first few days were tons of fun not only because of the activities we had the opportunity to do but also because of the sights and culture we got to experience. Not only was the first place we stayed a beautiful location but it was also relatively near the base of a volcano which was something I had never had the opportunity to see before. This view, along with having the chance to interact and immerse ourselves in the culture of Costa Rica was a large part of what made the entire trip such an enjoyable and memorable vacation. 

After spending the first few days inland by the lake we then traveled through the thin and pot-hole filled roads to the west coast of Costa Rica where we spent the majority of the rest of my part of the trip in a house overlooking a bay. While on the coast we had a great time sailing, snorkeling, attempting to surf and most of all just hanging out. We spent some time at the beach nearby as well as in an alcove about a forty minute sail ride away from the main beach town.

The only downfall to this trip was that I somehow managed to break my camera the day we went sailing; well and also the fact that I wasn't allowed to stay in Costa Rica as long as I wanted to. Overall though, we all had a great time thanks to the beautiful whether we were given and the fabulous opportunity we had to travel through Costa Rica. Sadly I was not able to do a lot of climbing while there however, overall I had a great trip traveling and relaxing in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.


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