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'Tis the Season... of Bouldering - Francesca Metcalf

'Tis the Season... of Bouldering - Francesca Metcalf
'Tis the Season... of Bouldering - Francesca Metcalf
January 19, 2012 - 

It’s a new semester here at Tech and time to get going again, but of course, not just in school. It is now officially the season for a whole lot of big bouldering comps. The small, local comps are over with, and now it’s time to kick it into high gear.


I spent most of my winter break back in Boston, hanging out at my home gym, Metro Rock and chilling with my friends and family I hadn’t seen in a while. It was great to be able to climb so much again and by the end of the break, I felt stronger and I was climbing about a grade harder than before.

Last weekend was the start of the string of big comps for me. The first ever Youth Bouldering Divisionals were held at Stone Summit in Atlanta and it was the best yet! Being in female junior, I had the smallest age group with only six girls (they take seven to nationals…) so it was a pretty low-pressure comp. The rest of the age groups were stacked though, with over 160 kids coming from as far as Texas.

The first day consisted of four problems with only four minutes to do each one. I flashed the first three, but was stumped on the fourth by an awkwardly powerful move going around a lip. The second day only had three problems, but they were a much harder set. I flashed the first and the third, which was super crimpy and totally my style, but the second one had a big move falling into a sloper- a kind of move that is, well, not exactly my forte.

I won my age group, but it’s nothing to get too excited about, I have some big competition coming up at Nationals in a few weeks. Until then, I’m keeping myself busy with training and more comps. I’m going up to Philly this weekend for the Winter Burn and then Boston two weeks after for the Dark Horse Finale… can’t wait!


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