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Fun Times in Norway with JT Holmes

Fun Times in Norway with JT Holmes
Fun Times in Norway with JT Holmes
January 17, 2012 - 

I wanted to share an edit from some fun times had in Norway this year. It is awesome to visit Romsdalen each year for its beautiful hikes, jumps and people. Observant visitors to Romsdalen inevitably become privy to the happenings at the cutting edge of the sport of base jumping. The world, via intraweb, has been wow'd by the local jumpers like Jokke Sommer and Tom Erik Heimen carving lines down huge mountains inches from the earth often flying between and below trees. Wingsuited base jumpers are confident in their ability to catch a glide more and more immediately after stepping off of a cliff, thus they jump mountains with smaller and smaller vertical cliff faces for initiating flight. Just 5 years ago, there were only a handful of wingsuit pilots comfortable with demanding 5 to 6 second rock drop, now 6 is commonplace and many do 4 and 5 second rock drops routinely. Much of this is due to the fact that wingsuits these days offer the pilot a lot of easily attainable performance.


An interesting shift away from the wingsuit also occurred this summer. A handful of the most hardcore flyers seemingly became bored with the slower vertical descent rates involved with wingsuit flying and opted to pick up the pace by picking up where the late Aussies left off. Anthony “Coombesy” Coombs, and half a decade later are absolute legends of modern day BASE jump tracking.  Douggs (filmer of previous video), Coombesy and some Norwegian guys found tremendous performance and confidence in their Phoenix Fly tracking gear (non-restricting, pressurizing pants & jackets) and simply just went bananas doing really, really cool stuff. Ted and Coombesy in particular flew with incredible precision, pioneering new lines and in Ted's case, often proving exit points trackable, that were previously considered only (wing) suitable.



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