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Climbing in the Poudre - Greig Seitz

Climbing in the Poudre - Greig Seitz
January 12, 2012 -  Greig Seitz    

It’s nice to be at the start of the new year. The stress and pressure I was going through during ABS and regionals is over now. Also, my finger has gotten a lot better. I am no longer having problems with the pain I was going through. Now I am focusing on climbing just for fun- climbing in the gym and outside.


Living in Fort Collins, I can drive to the Poudre Canyon within a couple hours. On the weekends, or during break, I get to go up the Poudre and project different climbs. My most recent trip was in December last year. We went up and climbed a few harder climbs, but we mostly climbed easy, fun boulders.

To start the day off, we went to the 420's. I got on several warm ups. I also climbed Hank's Arête, and Scarface. By this time, it was around noon and we were ready for lunch. As we headed back to the car to eat, I decided we would go to the Gandalf boulders. I had only heard about this area. We were mainly going to see what was up there and maybe try some easier climbs.

Hiking up towards the boulders, we met a small group of people around a boulder. They were working on several different projects, and they showed me Dump Truck. Two guys were working on it, and they let me project it with them. This took me several hours to learn the beta that would work for my ascent. After hours of projecting this v10, I topped it out! I was so psyched to have climbed this boulder. This problem felt like a gym climb to me. You move through many crimps, underclings, and you also use a bicycle.

I have several new projects in the Poudre now. One of those is called Shapes and Sizes. This climb goes at v12. This climb is definitely my style: hard movement, and big moves. Another climb is Twilight Sit. I climbed Twilight last year. I also climbed the moves from the sit into the beginning of Twilight. I now have to work through a red point crux to finish Twilight Sit.

I'm psyched to start climbing in the Poudre again during spring break. The rock up there is great.


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