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Bishop 2011/2012 - Michaela Kiersch

Bishop 2011/2012 - Michaela Kiersch
January 06, 2012 -  Michaela Kiersch    

I recently was in Bishop, CA, one of the best places for bouldering in the world! I was really psyched to go on this trip, mostly because I hadn't been bouldering outside for about 2 years.  Last year I got sick and had to cancel my trip to Hueco Tanks in Texas. This year I made sure to be healthy and ready to send!

I arrived in Las Vegas on the 26th of December where I meet fellow climbers and teammates Isabelle Faus, Emily Pate, and Michael O'Rourke.  We headed to Bishop that night and set up our tents.  The next day we went to the Happys in hopes of warmer weather.  The temps ended up being perfect for sending!  Michael had an impressive day with two V10s (one flash!) and a V11.  Emily unfortunately sprained her ankle on the first GO of the trip and had to take a few rest days. Isabelle and I both sent The Gleaner (V6) in the beginning of the day.  After this, I walked over to Acid Wash and sent the right stand version (V7). As mid-day rolled around, the sun was shining pretty bright and made it really hot.  The four of us sought shade and rested for about an hour.  Michael sent The Hulk, V6, but Isabelle and Emily found their psych low.  We headed out for the day with high expectations of the Buttermilks.

We spent the rest of the trip going to the Buttermilks.  Emily, Isabelle, and I found some girl power and all sent the Croft Problem (V8), which happened to be Emily's first V8! Congrats! This problem proved to be tricky and beta intensive, despite this, we all sent using completely different beta!  Some other ticks of the trip for Isabelle include Bubba Gump (V10) and Green Wall Center (V6).  Michael had a great time and sent Sharma Scoop (V8), Sharma Traverse (V10), Soul Slinger (V9), and Center Direct (V10).  Emily sent an amazing V1 that started by sitting in a scoop and crawling out.  I found it impossible, but she used her incredible crimp strength to pull herself out and over the lip.  My ticks included Soul Slinger (V9), Croft Problem (V8), and Acid Wash right stand (V7). 

Overall, I was really psyched to get back bouldering outside, especially in a place like Bishop.  I hope I can head back to climbing on real rock soon, but in Chicago sidewalks are as close as I can get.  SO IL is a possibility for February!

I wanted to thank Vertical Girl for their awesome clothes! The Diedre Leggings kept me warm in that cold Bishop winter! Also, thanks to FiveTen, I wouldn't have been able to send without my Dragons and Team Shoes.

Yours truly,


Photo credit: Emily Pate

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