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Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar

Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
Two weeks in Saint Leger - Martina Cufar
December 30, 2011 - 

In the beginning of December, when the weather forecast for Chamonix was bad, we decided to go south for some days, to Provence, to the climbing paradise of Saint Leger. We were a little expedition, with Nico’s mother to watch after Tommy and, Victor and Sylvie who took Tommy’s stroller in their car:-)


We settled down in the comfortable “gite” La Bergerie", 5 minutes walk away from the first climbing sectors. Very convenient for me and Tommy!
First days we were getting used to the very steep tufa climbing. Ufff, it felt hard! I haven’t climbed really steep things for more than a year and in the style of the routes in the Haute Savoie don’t help a lot when you have to climb in the big overhang. We were all a bit handicapped, so there weren’t any big performances. Despite this, we were satisfied when we got back in our warm apartment with pumped forearms:-) It was great to sit near the stove in the evening. Provance isn’t really hot in December and Mont Ventoux to high for the low travelling winter sun, so we only had some hours of sun per day. Nico liked the cold conditions, my frozen fingers less….but with hand warmers in my chalk bag, I could more or less feel the holds.

After some days of climbing we slowly got used to the steep climbing and we did some “croix”; Sylvie did L’assiette 7c, Nico and Victor La reserve 8a+/b and Contrat pour escalader 8a. I did the latter too. The news from Chamonix was very “snowy and cold”, so we were not at all motivated to leave Provance. We finally stayed 15 days! One day we also got some snow to decorate a nice Christmas tree in front of the “gite”. But the wind and the sun melted it in a day. We all put our quickdrawers on harder routes (we almost didn’t have any left for warming up routes); Nico on LA Hyene 8b+, Victor on Pranania and me on Le Prince de Lactique 8a+….But any of us didn’t succeed. We were close though. We should have take a day off, but were too lazy to rest:-) Now we are back in the white winter. There’s a lot of snow in Chamonix! It was funny to go climbing to Bionnassay with the skies! Not so funny when we realized that somebody stole our rope that we’d left there not to carry it all the time:-)
As you see, I don’t have a lot of climbing photos. Tommy is THE STAR!

And wish you ALL HAPPY, FUNNY, SUNNY 2012!!

PS: The last moment news: Nico didn’t manage to stay in snowy Chamonix. He returned to (rainy) Saint Leger for two days. It was worth. He did La Hyene 8b+! Nice new year’s gift. And a relief for me…he was not easy to leave with those last days:-)


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