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New Development in the Red River Gorge - Tim Rose

New Development in the Red River Gorge - Tim Rose
New Development in the Red River Gorge - Tim Rose
December 30, 2011 -  Tim Rose    

We arrived in the Red River Gorge on the 17th of December for a short 4 day trip.  This will be my second trip to the NRG this season and I have still only seen a very small part of what the New has to offer in terms of bouldering.


We spent the first day at Beauty Mt. near short creek.  Short creek hosts many classic high ball boulder problems with projects ranging in grade and in height.  Some of the boulder problems are tall enough to  be considered sport or traditional routes but our focus was bouldering so we set out to climb some tall inspiring rock with only our foam mats as protection.  Pat, Jessa, Nic, Michelle and some other folks joined us through the day.  The temps were cold with the highs in the upper 30's but we still managed to get a full day of climbing in and we managed to finish two new projects at the end of the day.  Both lines are on choice rock and have great movement.  The first problem that we did is called Bitches get Stitches v9 and tops out around 25ft.  The line follows an amazing set of crimps and rounded jugs up and across a proud sandstone face with the crux around 15ft.  The second line is an arete that sits directly on the side of the main cliff line trail and is roughly 30ft with the crux being a dyno to a perfect slot jug.  I spent a descent amount of time on both lines as the cruxes for each took me some time to dial in. 

The second day I wasn't feeling that great as I was fighting something during our trip across the country from CO to WV and a full day in the cold took it out of me.  We did get a chance to see another amazing project go down in at fern creek called f5.  The boulder looks like a line straight out of LRC in TN.  It has perfect sandstone slopers, compression and a legit mantle at the top.  Great job Micah!!

The rest of our trip went well but we didn't get much climbing done.  We had a great time and cant wait to go back.


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