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Christmas break! - Sierra Carroll

Christmas break! - Sierra Carroll
Christmas break! - Sierra Carroll
Christmas break! - Sierra Carroll
December 30, 2011 - 

Its been a great Winter Break so far, decided to go skiing yesterday as well as a few days ago since some of the days here in Colorado have been a little too cold for climbing outside. Though I would love to have been able to climb outside at some of my favorite climbing locations such as Shelf Road, it has just been too cold most days in Colorado to really be able to plan trips to Shelf to climb sadly. So instead yesterday my family and I decided to go up to Copper Mountain and spend the day skiing, another one of my favorite things to do. We had a great day skiing, both days we have gone in the past week. Though the snow hasn't been great this season at most of the resorts we tend to go to its still always a great day when I get to go skiing. As someone who has been skiing since I could walk, I love to spend the day with my family skiing and having a great time. Not to forget how beautiful it is, both of the past few days we have been to Copper Mountain the ski has been relatively clear allowing us to see views like the ones in two of the pictures. Its always an amazing sight to be on the top of most mountains in the Front Range and look out to see the beautiful scenery. Colorado is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived, yesterday was a great reminder of that.


Along with getting to spend time this break skiing since the weather is making it hard to climb outside I have been informed of a few great opportunities I might have in the future, as well as I have had the opportunity to spend lots of time training at my old gym. The past few weeks I have had a great time climbing again with so many old friends, and on so many new climbs. I have always enjoyed the excitement of walking into a gym I have never been to before and looking around at all of the creative routes and problems that are in the gym all of which are new to me. When I came back into my old gym in Colorado Springs it was as if I was walking into a new gym, I had a great day not only talking and hanging out with friends but also getting to climb on so many problems that I had never seen before. I have had a great time these past two weeks climbing on new problems and routes and training at what was my home gym for so long. In the past two weeks I also have had the opportunity to get information about possibly getting together a group of climbers to become a University of Colorado chapter of Solid Rock Climbers for Christ. The idea to create a chapter at the University of Colorado in Boulder came to me when talking with a friend, and looks as if as long as things fall together correctly we could begin to get a group of climbers together and put on an event at a local crag or gym. Though this process and idea is still only in the making it seems like a very promising opportunity to further unify the climbing community and possibly even create events and programs on campus for climbers interested, potentially engaging more college students in rock climbing activities. I am not entirely sure how this will work out but I am very excited to see what come about from it and how we can make things work to get more climbers connected and excited about rock climbing. Hopefully everything will fall into place correctly but if not we will see what happens instead.  


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