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Motivation from all the right places. - Emily Dudley

Motivation from all the right places. - Emily Dudley
December 24, 2011 -  Emily Dudley    

December is a busy time for everyone with finals, the holidays, and the height of competition season.

On December 10th we hosted the ABS13 Youth Regionals at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. I love setting for youth competitions. All the problems fit me perfectly and the kids are amazing. I can’t believe how good the competitors are. From the youngest kids to the 18 year olds, the talent is unbelievable. The future of our sport is in capable hands. The next generation is going to do things we did not think possible. All the kids are so psyched! It is very inspiring.


Despite all the craziness the holidays bring, the comp got me motivated to make time to climb. To take a day for myself to go out and do what I love. After final exams and the recent bad weather December 17th was exactly what I needed.

The weather was perfect, about 50 degrees, dry, and with a slight breeze in Poudre Canyon. I ran laps on some moderates, just enjoying being outside on such a beautiful day. I also tried Public Property_V9 and the stand start to Can-Opener. Can-Opener_V11 is one of those climbs that looks deceptively straight-forward with only a few moves. In reality there are a lot of little moves, re-adjustments, and other nuances that make it harder than it looks. This was my first time touching Can-Opener and I am psyched! It is the perfect combination of power moves, crimping, tension, and finesse.

Making time to climb amidst all the chaos helps me relax, gain some perspective, and refreshes me after a long semester. Whether it’s a trip to the other side of the world, to the local crag, or to the local gym, anytime I make time to climb I feel better.

Photo credit: Paul Dusatko

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