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ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis

ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis
ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis
ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis
ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis
ABS Regionals - Kyle Francis
December 21, 2011 - 

This past weekend was the regional championships, which due to an excess number of Male B boys, they had to split into qualifiers and finals. There were seven kids in my category and all advanced to divisionals so it was just for funnsies. Most of us flashed the three qualifiers.


Finals was really cool though, the problems were all pretty hard. Our second problem traversed through a dihedral and me and two other kids sent but they both just got int the dihedral and reached out to the finish whereas I did the intended beta, mostly because I wasn't tall enough.... Anyway, I was really gassed when I got to number three and on my first attempt my heel slipped on the second or third move, which sucked but i was really psyched. I couldn't have asked for a climb more my style, good holds and very acrobatic. It had a 360 spin move, and a double clutch. I ended up falling grabbing the finish but i was turning my body to do a hip turn, and since I was the only one to get that high, the holds were still wet, and I just popped off. I landed still twisting and in a ball, then when I tried to stand up my back just was shooting with pain and it took me a good two or three minutes to stand up. due to the new USA climbing rules with tops then highest hold, I won. It was pretty funny though cause when they got to me during awards, they were out of medals. overall though it was a really fun competition, and I'm really excited for divisionals in Atlanta.

I will be going to Hueco tanks the day after Christmas for a couple days and i cant wait! I haven't been there in a couple years and i fell like the strongest i have ever been. in the gym I've been working finger strength and core a lot so hopefully it'll help! Ill post after i get back with hopefully a tick list!


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