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Last comp of the Czech Cup - Tomáš Binter

Last comp of the Czech Cup - Tomáš Binter
December 11, 2011 - 

The final race of the Czech Cup of adults was quite perfect. Even though having troubles with my training and my body I pushed myself more, than I could and made a good result. A one page report from this comp appeared in Czech most prestigious newspaper, with my photo with five ten sticker as well. Isn't it a cool free ad?:)


Who would have said it will be the best comp with the best atmosphere I've been to this year. The last challenge of Czech national cup took place in Pisek, a city about 80km from my home. That was pretty good, because I always have to commit hundreds of kilometers for and set off the previous day, now It was quite different and more comfortable.

The climbing hall is one of the newest in our republic and even though it hasn’t much sport profiles, there are some and with the height of 15meters it belongs to one of the highest walls in our country. That brought a bit more standard routes than short and bouldery, as it often happens.

The day began with a very easy qualification route, which nearly every competitor topped out. The second quali was harder, but still there were few tops and so did I, well the comp began in the finals.

Waiting for finals was longer than usual, but with videos prepared by organizers and good pizza it was OK. Than we went to the isolation zone, warmed up and the fight began. Even though the isolation was quite far from the wall, we still heard shouting of the crowd… One could be confused by it, its not usual on Czech competition to hear such noise with every twenty seconds.

At the moment I came to the wall, spectators in crowded wall encouraged me so much, that it was pure passion. The route was hard from the beginning, with few jumps and tricky moves. Just few steps from the top I made a small mistake, didn’t decide to risk enough, so I fell. Immediately judges told me that it looks we’ll have to climb superfinals, and with two other guys we went to isolation.

As a superfinal we climbed the same route and even time could decide about the winner.I felt, that I gave all my power to the previous climb and so I climbed the superfinals. Well, going through the route was harder than before and in the crux I fell last time I was so pumped, that I ended up nearly the same as before a halfstep further, but not caused by bad decision but by total exhaustion. Finally I was third, most people said I should have ended second… It doesn’t matter, if I had climbed better in the finals, no superfinals would have been necessary

Such competition was for me perfect, I am still satisfied with the third place and loosing in superfinals with such climbers as they are is not a shame.


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