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Andy Lewis Show Reel 2011

Andy Lewis Show Reel 2011
December 10, 2011 - 

Sketchy Andy Lewis presents his 2011 show reel!  Slackline, Highline, Free Solo, Rock Climbing, Rope Jumping, BASElining, BASE jumping, tricklining, and hard falls!  check it out!


This year I walked more than 94 different highlines, 60 of those free solo, 30 F/A's (First Across) (94 to date dec 9 going for 100 in a calendar year)  That means every 3-4 days i was on a highline.  Every 5-6 days i walked a highline free solo. And every 10 days or so i established a new highline all together. I climbed more than 15 towers this year, establishing highlines on all of them, but a few.  This includes the first highline on ancient art, the titan's finger of fate, lighthouse tower to the dolofright tower, and many many more.   I made 82 BASE jumps this year, including the first ever Slackline Space BASE;  standing and jumping off an anchor rigged hundreds of feet out in space.  I also managed to have my first cliff strike (without injury) as well as my first bridle wraps (without injury). Thank god.  Much of this craziness can be seen in my Reel Rock Tour Segment, touring worldwide right now!  My movie Sketchy Andy, talks about the history of the sport, and goes into my thoughts about the risk of death and its effect on me and the people around me as i try to push the limits of my sport.  It actually just won best adrenaline film at the Kendall Mountain film fest! woot.   I also some how managed to win my 4th consecutive world title in tricklining, placing first overall in World Slackline Federation's 2nd Annual World Cup Slackline Competition; which involved flying to Europe three different times this year and placing the highest out of all three competitions.  I also had time to break a Guinness world record... twice, once in italy and once in china.  This last month I even got the balls to set a new free solo highline record.  I successfully walked (3rd attempt) the 180ft long, 200ft high Great Bongzilla Highline free solo in Moab, mid NOV.  Needless to say i have been a busy man, stoked to the bone, and I already have a huge tick list for next year!  If you are bored and need something to do... just check out my video compilation =).


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