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New Order - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

New Order - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
December 08, 2011 - 

New Order, apart from a group that revolutionized the dance scene in the 80's, is one of the new problems we are working in the Met and I, with the excuse of a holiday week, not wanting crowds, best to recover old projects that were at the bottom of memory, and distributed among Savassona, Codol, Fussimanya, etc, etc, so it appears New Order, a problem located in the Boulder Kuek, and where hiding technique plus twelve movements, compression, namely putting the feet, where the cold is essential to know how and where two dams and boulder begins and ends well, as some problems are not repeated in an original semi-sit when you sit, etc. etc.


Oscar, Leti and Joan dedicated to repeat pluja Days, a problem that today I managed to get three different methods, I love this hidden tricks to decipher an original that could not see, is beautiful climb, but even more so when he positive thinking can be applied with thought and revolutionize the way to climb, change direction and experiment with the body, I have not smoked anything, but Johnny Dawes is the teacher.

I guess something has to see the creation and premiere of my new crash pad, creation, because I've designed using Laia, based on the diaphragm of a reflex camera, ever mindful of the filling of the perfect shot and produced by Met my partner and friend, and Joan, which have led to the creation of illusions to the letter, not perfect?.
Along with Met have started working on this problem of so-called New Order boulder into a time that we left abandoned, but not today if we have managed to solve a good part of the problem, there remains the binding of two movements at the very beginning that makes it especially hard, more than any other issue scaled by the moment here, I see the sequence, I understand the move but am not able to execute that perfect movement needs the dynamism of the new order to solve this problem, it's crazy, that attracts me ,the whole afternoon to address two unresolved motions for any climber this may sound crazy, is movement in its purest form, I guess this problem in any way and makes me question and think, "fuck it would be awesome", but not this is where, if not a stone, located 1 meter above the ground, down where no rope good and it bothers me to run a movement that calls me 200% and now I can only contributed 25% to difficult movements and 150% in the rest, madness not??, so, the boulder is this continually decipher unclimbable problems, left, left, forgotten, this is boulder, time will tell ....


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